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Ownership of Site; Agreement to Terms and Conditions 

These Terms and Conditions apply to the Xiatao website .By using the site,you agree to these terms of use; if you do not agree,do not use site.


Purchase Order, Purchase Order Acknowledgement and Terms and Conditions

A Purchase Order or an offer to purchase can be made by the Customer form to tome, howerver the Purchase Order shall be deemed accepted when the Customer receive and acknowledgement of the Order form New Aim or delivery of the relevant Goods, whichever first occurs (“Purchase Order Acknowledgement”).

The Terms and Conitions apply to every Purchase Order.

By submitting a Purchase Order to the Company, the Customer hereby agrees and acknowledges that it accepts and retifies the Terms and Condition Apply and are being binding on the Customer.


Purchase Order and Purchase Order Acknowledgements;

These Terms and Conditions;

Any other document which is attached to, or incorporated by referencein, the Purchase Order or these Terms and Conditions.

The Contract constitues the entire agreement between New Aim and the Customer with respect to the Purchase Order.Any and allpriornegotiations,proposals,previous dealings, correspondence, trade custom and/or trade usage are superseded by and will not affect the interpretation of the Contract.

If at any time in relation to a Purchase Order,the Customer Provides,refers to,submits or otherwise uses terms and conditions other than the Terms and Conditions,such terms and conditions will not form part of or be incorporated into the Contract.