David is a shopkeeper from San Gabriel. He is an old gentleman. He has been running a Furniture shop for nearly 20 years. He has been serving its customers for so many years and has won the favor of nearby guests. The store he runs is also facing competition from online stores and surrounding stores, and the cost of getting goods from big brand dealers is getting higher and higher. Since July 1st, it has experienced price increases.He began to understand that business wants to do well, should start with product innovation and product cost reduction.


Due to the popularity of online games, the online sales of racing chairs are getting hotter and hotter. So David also tries to sell gaming chairs in the shops. It is found that the surrounding guests like it very much, and the purchase demand is also increasing, but the procurement cost has always been high, generally have to be more than 60 US dollars from the local dealers in Los Angeles to get the goods, calculate the cost of capital costs, basically can not make any money, so he has been looking for some good sources of supply.

At this time, okyoo’s platform service specialist contacted David. David went to okyoo’s warehouse in Santa Fe Springs. He bought a few racing chairs samples and found that the quality was not bad. He ordered 30 at the second time in September. The price of racing chair was 20 dollars lower than the original purchase. After the products were purchased, they were sold out within 2 weeks. The consumer responded well and the quality was better than the original ones. The seat was very comfortable. David ordered another 38 products in October and presented his style proposal and next purchase request to the service specialist of the okyoo platform.

David said that this time to catch up with the hot selling gaming chairs more than 40 US dollars of products, product procurement costs reduced by 30%, while quality is better than 60 US dollars of products, this is a very satisfied purchase, and okyoo. Com return visit within 24 hours, let him feel that he will continue to purchase more products.



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