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From the perspective of service providers, a veteran online celebrity marketing website of "Tom

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Introduction: Tomoson is an established online celebrity marketing website. There are many small bloggers on it. It is suitable for small and medium sellers to connect with. The offer is cheap (even free).

Misunderstanding: Tomoson is not just a test score distribution platform, it can also achieve diversified cooperation with celebrities such as off-site promotion.

Note: Don’t recharge after playing for a few days, don’t be greedy for the 21-day trial period, fill in the data authentication account immediately, although you can post (advertising) in this way, there are many pits in it.

For example, because it is necessary to bind a credit card, some people show that after the 21-day trial period, the account is deducted more than ten dollars, it is very troublesome to cancel the renewal.

For example, post product links and simple reviews to social platforms or blogs, and you can complete the task if you spend more than ten or twenty dollars

For example, the platform rules are strict, and novice posts (ads) can easily be frozen


Therefore, before deciding to "reuse" Tomoson, you can try to cooperate with internet celebrities in the following ways to understand the attributes of internet celebrities and the degree of product matching with the crowd. Anyway, it is free.

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