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Amazon Best Seller Rank Category Analysis-Camping Tents

  2021-12-17 Read:251

Camping tents (Camping Tents) is a kind of outdoor sports equipment, which is a seasonal market product (the peak season is mostly from May to July). After the outbreak, outdoor sports became popular overseas. Take the US market as an example. According to data provided by the Outdoor Foundation and Outdoor Industry Association, in 2020, the number of Americans participating in outdoor leisure activities increased by 7.1 million compared with the previous year. From the search volume trends of Google and Amazon America, we can also see the demand for camping tents driven by the increase in the number of outdoor sports: In May 2020, consumer demand for camping tents in the market ushered in a rising period, and reached its peak in July. ; In addition, compared with winter, the market demand in spring and summer is stronger:

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